GreenCore NCell™ Natural Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics are a family of high-performance, biocomposite materials for injection molding and extrusion. High strength parts made from NCell™ are green, lightweight, manufactured with less energy, and have unique surface aesthetics. NCell™ pellets are non-abrasive and as such a drop-in replacement on existing tooling and molding machinery.

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High-Performance Biocomposites

NCell™ consists of a polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) matrix reinforced with up to 40% natural cellulosic microfibers. NCell™ compounds have high performance mechanical properties and are able to replace glass-reinforced thermoplastics. NCell™ also offers higher performance than other commercially available biocomposites, such as those made from hemp, flax, wheat straw, and wood. Custom compounded grades are available using base resins including homopolymers, impact copolymers, and common additives. (Colorants, Stabilizers, Lubricants, etc.) NCell™ can be used as a concentrate, blended and diluted with other polymers as letdown at the molding machine to produce parts with varying fiber content.

All GreenCore NCell™ compounds are based on our proprietary Microfiber Technology

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Injection Molding with NCell™

Molds on Conventional Machines, Tooling, Hot-Runners

NCell™ is supplied as free-flowing spherical pellets and molds on existing injection machines. NCell™ has been successfully molded on machines ranging from 20 to 2500 Tons with general-purpose (GP) screws and a variety of Hot-Runners.

Faster Cycle Times and Energy Savings

NCell™ molds at lower temperatures than most thermoplastic resins, leading to energy savings, faster cycles, and cost savings. NCell™ is also non-abrasive on tooling and machinery reducing costs vs. glass-reinforced materials.

Advanced Injection Molding Processes

GreenCore has expertise with a variety of injection molding processes and techniques applied to natural fiber composites. For new applications, we are able to provide technical support with many processes including:

  • Double-shot / Overmolding
  • In-mold Decoration and Labeling (IMD / IML)
  • Gas-Assist
  • Injection-Compression

For information including Technical Data Sheets and our Injection Molding Guide, please Contact Us.

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Product Design with NCell™

GreenCore offers Applications Engineering support for the design of parts using NCell™. We have expertise with Part and Tooling design for natural fiber composites including Molding Process, Color Matching, Flow Simulation and Hot-Runner systems.

If you are designing a new product and require assistance with Materials Selection please Contact Us.

Color and Surface Finish

NCell™ can be colored with standard pigment and liquid concentrates. Parts molded out of NCell™ have unique natural surface aesthetics. GreenCore has relationships with leading color suppliers, and can provide sample color chips and color matching expertise.

Overmolding and In-Mold Decoration

GreenCore has experience overmolding NCell™ with a variety of thermoplastic elastomers allowing for use as a strong, structural substrate while providing a soft-touch surface. We also have experience with In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and Back-Injection of foils.

Flow Simulation

NCell™ has been characterized by Moldflow® Labs and is listed in their materials database. GreenCore runs Moldflow simulation in-house in support of customer part design and optimization. We can also provide rheological data for customers running their own simulations.

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Consumer & Industrial Products

NCell™ has application in a wide variety of Consumer and Industrial Products. Parts molded from, or being designed using polymers including: PP, PE, ABS, or glass- reinforced thermoplastics are candidates for NCell™ replacement.

For new product development, please contact us as we can assist with tailoring NCell™ to your application.

Key Advantages for Consumer / Industrial Products:

  • Solution to increasing and fluctuating plastic resin prices
  • High Performance Mechanical Properties
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Unique, Colorable, Natural Aesthetics
  • Energy savings due to lower molding temperatures
  • Green materials - Sourced from renewable and sustainable natural fibers, displacing petroleum based plastics

Example Applications: Home & Office Furniture, Lawn & Garden products, Toys, Housewares, Power Tools, Sporting Goods, Storage, Containers, and Transportation.


NCell™ is an ideal replacement for automotive glass-reinforced or mineral filled polypropylene compounds, especially those used in interiors and under-the-hood applications.

GreenCore has been working with OEMs and Tier 1s since company founding, please contact us for more info.

Key Automotive Advantages:

  • Achieves properties of 10 to 40% Glass PP
  • Exceeds properties of mineral filled PP
  • Part Weight Reduction
  • Cost competitive vs. Glass PP
  • Cycle Time reduction and Energy Savings
  • Non-abrasive
  • Green materials - Sourced from renewable and sustainable natural fibers, replacing petroleum based plastics.

Example Applications: Instrument Panel components, Consoles, Door Handles, Load Floors, any parts currently molded from GF-PP or Mineral filled PP.

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NCell™ allows manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and develop green products by displacing petroleum-based plastics and energy intensive glass-fibers with renewable, sustainable, carbon-neutral natural fibers. Unlike other bioproducts, we do not use food sources to produce our materials.

NCell™ processes at lower temperatures, leading to energy savings, and has superior retention of mechanical properties during recycling when compared with glass-reinforced thermoplastics.

In automotive applications, NCell™ allows for light weighting of components while maintaining strength and cost-competitiveness, leading to improved fuel economy.

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