NCell™ Microfiber Technology

GreenCore has proprietary technology and intellectual property in the field of Natural (lignocellulosic) Fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Our combination of pending patents and know-how include: Process, Materials Selection, and Formulations.

Natural Fiber thermoplastics are biocomposite materials that typically combine Wood or Agro fibers (such as Hemp, Flax, Wheat, Kenaf, etc.) with Thermoplastic polymers. Historically, several challenges have prevented manufacturers from producing high-performance injection moldable natural fiber composites:

  • Controlling fiber form, morphology and aspect ratios
  • Achieving proper dispersion and compatibility due to hydrophilic nature of fibers
  • Utilizing cost effective, quality controlled, and sustainable natural fibers

Our NCell™ Microfiber Technology addresses these challenges.

Lignocellulosic Microfibers

Our technology is based on in-situ generation of Lignocellulosic Microfibers.  Such fibers have high aspect ratios and surface area, enabling improved composite mechanical properties.  We are able to produce such microfibers in a cost effective manner and from a variety of raw materials.

In addition, we have developed a proprietary process and supply-chain for carefully selecting and engineering our fiber material characteristics.

In parallel to generating such Microfibers, dispersion is a key challenge.  Our unique manufacturing process allows us to effectively disperse the microfibers while maintaining proper morphology and properties.  This is due to a combination of mixing technology and chemical process aids.

Ultimately, our combination of raw material selection, microfiber generation and unique process form the pillars of our core technology.

Natural Fiber Composites platform

Our first market introductions are NCell™ Polypropylene based compounds, however our platform technology and IP cover thermoplastic polymers from commodity polyolefins to engineering and bio-based resins.  Our microfiber technology is further applicable to a variety of Lignocellulosic sources from wood to agro-fibers.

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Microfiber Imaging

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image depicting Microfibers in polypropylene Matrix


Microfiber Dispersion

X-Ray MicroCT images depicting NCell™ (top) vs. poor dispersion in conventional Wood Plastic Composite. (bottom) Large wood fiber agglomerates cause stress concentrations and lower mechanical performance.